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Do you still need to eat Breakfast?


Do you tend to over-indulge at lunch?

Are you having trouble losing those extra pounds?

Are you sluggish throughout the day?

Are you having trouble maintaining or increasing muscle mass?


If you said yes to any of the aforementioned questions, then you may not be eating breakfast.  The health benefits behind eating breakfast should be enough to convince you to make it a priority.  However, before addressing the benefits, let's prepare a quick overview of your bodies metabolism during sleep.  

While you are sleeping, you enter a fasting state, in which your body does not receive any fuel for six to eight hours.  Even though you aren't physically exerting yourself throughout the night, your body still utilizes carbohydrates and energy stores for life functions (heart, brain, neurons, etc...). Therefore, upon waking, your body goes into a state of conservation; conserving fat and burning what your body deems as expendable.  Your body will start to produce more energy from the very muscle tissue you have worked so diligently to develop.  

Lets look at this cascade of events a little deeper.  The longer you go without adding fuel in the morning, the greater the stress the body perceives.  This causes an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn can cause a multitude of negative consequences on your body.  Increased cortisol stimulates the breakdown of muscle into amino acids, or the building blocks of protein, which can be used for energy.

This increase in cortisol can make gaining or even maintaining your muscle mass that much more difficult.  Cortisol levels can also affect the hormones, which influence hunger.  Once you eat breakfast and lower your cortisol levels, your body will slow the production of these hormones, making you not feel as hungry.  This can help prevent you from over-indulging before or during your next meal.  

Breakfast is an integral meal in everyone's lifestyle, whether you're a high performance athlete or a business executive preparing for a meeting.  A healthy, well-balanced breakfast is essential not only stimulating your energy levels, but helps keep a low cortisol level to aid in decreasing the risk of obesity while aiding in weight maintenance.  





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