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p06Being a successful athlete requires tremendous discipline in all facets of life.  Athletes spend vast amounts of time and energy trying to improve athletic performance, but often miss key components that are critical to success in sports.  Proper nutrition and rest will ensure that athletes are meeting their performance goals.   If the fuel in the tank is inadequate, the performance will also be inadequate.  Nutrition should focus on an athlete achieving the greatest benefit from the foods they consume.

Athletes are constantly in a race against the clock.  Food options become one of convenience rather than performance when we are unprepared for this type of schedule.   Receiving all of our nutrition from high quality, unprocessed foods is the goal, but the reality is that this is unrealistic in today’s sports world.  There is no ONE food that will magically improve your athletic performance. However, poor nutritional habits can have a negative effect on training, recovery and ultimately athletic performance.

At Elementz Nutrition, we have defined “performance nutrition” as 6 different nutritional strategies to maximize athletic performance. Our goal is to outline the “To Do’s” of performance nutrition so that each athlete can reach his or her genetic potential.  In upcoming articles, we will examine the role of each step and its contributing factors for improved athletic performance:

Step 1:  Adjust water intake to meet daily needs

Step 2:  Incorporate antioxidant rich foods into every meal

Step 3:  Incorporate healthy carbohydrates into every meal

Step 4:  Incorporate lean protein sources into every meal

Step 5:  Incorporate fats into every meal

Step 6:  Exploit nutrient timing and supplementation

This post was written by Jason Riley, he’s the co-founder of Elementz Nutrition and the head of the Athletes Compound in Tampa, FL.

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