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One of the many questions often asked by our athletes, is do we have to buy organic?  Organic food is generally much more expensive, but do the benefits outweigh the cost of eating organic?

Before World War II, most farming methods in the USA were considered “Organic”.  Organic farming does not utilize pesticides, and the farmers allow for the soil to regain its vital nutrients before replanting in the same fields. This allows the food to absorb all of these beneficial nutrients from the soil, which are then passed on to the consumer.  However, chemical fertilizers became commonplace after the war, and the nutrient quantity has continued to decline over the years due to these modern farming techniques.

It has been shown that a serving of spinach in the 1940’s contained nearly 200 mg of Iron.  Now, the average serving of spinach by conventional farming techniques contains as little as 10 mg of iron.

A general rule of thumb is that Porous Fruits should always be organic (strawberries and Raspberries).  Otherwise, buy organic produce whenever possible.  Using a good fruit and vegetable wash can help eradicate many of the pesticides that are sprayed on conventionally farmed foods, but realize this will not replace the vitamins & minerals lost due to these farming techniques.

Below, we have included a shopping list of foods that are the most pesticide-laden foods vs. the least pesticide-laden foods:

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