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Don't Let Muscle Cramps Take You Out of The Game

22 June, 2012 0 comments Leave a comment

First off congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship. What an exciting few weeks to watch the best basketball in the world. Now it's time to rest up and get ready for the Olympics in London. 

One of the featured story lines after game 4 of the finals was LeBron's leg cramps at the end of the game. He actually had to be taken out of the game and had to watch much of the deciding moments on the sideline. Miami was able to pull through and win the game, but if couple of plays go the other way it becomes at different series and the Heat all of a sudden are not celebrating their championship so soon.

 Game 4 NBA Playoffs -

That's why proper nutrient intake is so important. We have worked with numerous pro athletes and have seen first hand how debilitating mineral deficiencies can be. Durring the Sarasota Open, one of our tennis pros was cramping after the second set. He took our 2oz Mineral Complex and his cramps instantly went away. He went on to win the match. We have seen these type of results over and over again and make sure that every athlete is taking the minerals before they workout as well as during their workout if needed. 

No matter what sport you are playing, make sure you can perform at your peak in every situation. 

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